Friday, September 6, 2013

Plantain chips

Raw banana  -  3 no's
Turmeric powder  - 1 tbs
Salt  - 1 ½ tsp  
Water  - 2 cups
Oil for frying  (I used vegetable oil)

Remove the top and bottom portion of the banana and make a long slit on the skin with a knife and peel the skin.  In a large bowl add water, turmeric powder, salt.  Slice it into thin round slices into the turmeric & salt water for 30 minutes.  Then drain the sliced pieces nicely and dry in a kitchen tissue.

Heat a heavy bottom pan with oil in a medium flame and slide the sliced plantain pieces into the oil & deep fry the slices till the sizzling sound stops.  Keep stirring occasionally.  To see whether its done take one  and crush it, if its crispy then its done. If it is soft then fry again until it attains crispy.

Take it from the oil and drain it on an absorbent paper. Fry the rest of the banana slices the same way.

Store it in an air tight container after cooling. Serve it as snack or can have with steamed rice also.

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